• 1993: Self Titled (Cassette) (Self-released)
  • 1993: The Room (7″, EP) (Self-released)
  • 1995: Headwound (CD, EP) (Oracle Records)
  • 1997: Fetish (CD, Single) (Oracle Records)
  • 1997: Headwound (CD-ROM, Single) (Oracle Records)
  • 1997/2012: Futuristic Urban Cult (CD, AAC, Album) (Oracle Records, Transmission Communications)
  • 1998: Electronic Warfare (12″, EP) (Horrorshow Records)

Music Videos


  • 1994: Tutti Frutti (Various) – Viva Brisbane: A Tribute To The King ‎(CD) (Healing Records)
  • 1994: Headwound (Various) – Candles And Intrigue ‎(CD) (Left As In Sinister)
  • 1996: Rise And Fall (Various) – Abstraction – Evidence 2 (CD) (Transmission Communications)
  • 1998: Headwound (Various) – Various – Industrial Baby! ‎(CD) (Delinquent Records)
  • 2014: Fetish (Various) – BNE, The Definitive Archive: Brisbane Independent Electronic Music Production 1979-2014 (AAC, Hardback) (Transmission Communications)

Remixes and Unique Releases

Fetish, the first single from the Futuristic Urban Cult album included remixes by David Thrussell (Snog, Soma, Black Lung), Craig Sue (Bionic/Genetic) and Andy Bagley (Pure Bunk/VISI) and received solid play in clubs and on national radio.

The second Futuristic Urban Cult single Headwound received extensive support by Triple J and was also released as a multimedia CDROM – one of the first of its kind for a Brisbane band.

Dogmachine also remixed other artists works such as Death In St.Kilda (Remix By Dogmachine) from Voodoo Lovecats ‎– Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things album (CD – 1997 Horrorshow Records).
Also Free Weapons (Dogmachine Mix) from Newlydeads album Re-Bound ‎(CD – 1998 Mutiny Records).




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